NIAB International is seeking funds to support its NIAB Innovation Farm Africa programme.

A major constraint to agricultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa and for smallholder farmers in particular is access to knowledge and farming innovation. NIAB Innovation Farm Africa will provide a platform to address these problems. Your donations will go to fund initiatives under this programme, supporting access to improved seeds, agricultural knowledge and best practice by resource-poor farmers.

Our first project under this programme is NIAB Innovation Farm Ghana.

Your donation will help us support R&D and the uptake of innovation by resource-poor farmers in developing countries.

If you have any questions about donating, we'd be happy to take your call or email. Please find our details on the Contact page.

Single donation

Single donation photo

For example, £50 would enable 20 farmers to travel to agricultural demonstration events, cover the costs of demonstrating improved varieties of one target crop, or provide dissemination of knowledge through SMS to 5,000 recipients.